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The benefits of Forest Bathing

There are many benefits of the correct practice of Forest Bathing, as scientifically proven.

In addition to the psychological and mental advantages of immersion in a natural environment , scientific research is demonstrating various physiological benefits that are expressed on the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system and the immune system.

The main benefits detected after a practice of at least a few hours in suitable forest areas, well documented by the many Italian and international texts published, are:

  • stress reduction;

  • regulation of blood pressure;

  • the strengthening of the immune system;

  • the increase in the number of our NK (Natural Killer) cells (lymphocytes) responsible for the recognition and elimination of viruses and cancer cells;

  • increased serotonin to promote good mood and tranquility;

  • effects of reducing oxidative stress of the organism;

  • cognitive benefits and in restoring attention damaged by the use of technological devices.

Michele Antonelli, doctor of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Institute of Public Health, University of Parma and Terme di Monticelli (PR), who takes stock of the possibilities of use of forest therapy practices, ranging from prevention, primary and secondary, of chronic diseases, in all conditions in which stress plays an important role, up to the strengthening of the immune system.

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