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Forest Bathing is good mainly because staying in a forest is a real immersion in a vital vibrational energy field, a complex system that reconnects us to the harmonizing force inherent in nature.


The shapes, the colors, the aromas, the geometries of each part of the plant, the sounds, the flavors. Everything leads to recognize and re-know and re-connect with the Vismedicatrics Nature (according to Hippocrates) or with the Viriditas cited by Il De Garda di Bingen, for example:

  • the sight of green (color associated with the heart Chakra and the sum of the primary colors yellow and blue of the visual spectrum), produces a stimulating effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes benefits for digestion, growth, immune defenses and storage of energy, as well as promoting natural relaxation;

  • the tactile perception of the bark of trees and vegetation awakens the peripheral sensory perception, also for the purpose of a better perception of space;

  • the sound of forest animals produces a beneficial rebalancing effect, purifying us from the "noises" of our civilization;

  • the taste of fruits and healing plants, which with skilful experience can be consumed or collected in the forest, brings multiple benefits to our health ... a real pharmacy for free!

  • the aromatherapy process generates and stimulates natural well-being. In fact, in forest areas that have good characteristics of sustainability and production of bio-organic molecules (B-VOC), in particular in those composed of evergreen conifers, cedars, oaks, beeches and holm oaks, or in mixed forests of chestnuts and pines and of firs and beeches, biogenic volatile organic compounds called B-VOCs are emitted into the air, which perform important health functions also for our species.


In the forest all the senses find a beneficial and ancestral natural dimension.


An immersion in the forest, done properly, leads to a natural relationship with the environment that awakens our power of self healing and conscious attention.


Going to the forest to remember who we are helps to find a balanced, open and aware attitude in life.


Meditating in the forest amplifies our ability to slow down and learn to let go.


In the forest you can do many activities, like none, thus releasing creativity, which finds new natural vital energy.

Walking in the forest in a conscious way (Forest Walking) brings benefits to the whole body and psyche, giving a regenerative effect that lasts naturally over time.  

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Forest Bathing - Shinrin Yoku
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