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If you let a child grow in the middle of the trees, you can see that a very spontaneous bond is created. Each child adopts, without rationally deciding it, a tree that will be "his" and to which he will turn. It will be attached to him in the course of his life, he will remember it and, if he is lucky enough to return to that specific place, he will join him. 

The living testimony of the attachment we keep towards the trees that populated our childhood: cherry tree in the grandparents' garden or chestnut tree in the town square, we all have a tree that lives in our memory as adults. -136bad5cf58d_


Responding to the needs of children with silvotherapy 

Forest Bathing for children can meet various needs:  

  • self-confidence and autonomy: the experiences and enhancement of the child will be sought through exploration;  

  • socialization and openness towards others: smiles, hugs, kisses ... II Forest Bathing is an excellent opportunity to share a good quality moment with children of all ages;  

  • physical and motor development: the sensory experiences, if repeated, are responses to the child's need for movement, and favor the awakening of the senses and motor;  

  • development of curiosity and intellect: there are always interesting explanations provoked by their "why '. Children are greedy for knowledge and want to understand;  

  • development of ecological sensitivity, thanks to the discovery and understanding of a natural environment.


Trees are living beings, they talk to each other! The child's natural curiosity will prompt him to ask more complex questions, to understand the how and why. It is also possible to stimulate a dialogue with children by regularly asking the child to express what he feels and what he observes, to encourage him to reflect and be curious.


The trees to be privileged are ..._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • The beech brings serenity, confidence and calm, it is therefore a preferred species for hyperactive or very tense children.

  • Oak is a carrier of confidence, strength and power. Help the child feel the strength of his anchorage, of his roots that allow him to remain in the world . 

  • Fir and pine bring energy, endurance and hope. They are trees towards which you can direct a child who feels sad, apathetic, with relationship problems at school.

  • The lime tree is the tree of protection. It can be used when the child needs to feel surrounded by friendship and a protective, almost maternal sweetness. It is also a tree that moderates psychic tensions, especially when it is in bloom. Children with disturbed sleep will benefit from exercising with this tree.

  • Birch is the tree that brings sweetness, just caress its thin and smooth bark to realize it. The whiteness of the trunk and its slender verticality increase self-confidence and self-esteem. And moreover, a symbol of youth, because it is a primary species, which grows first in areas where there was nothing left . 


To make the practice of silvotherapy playful, it is advisable to change the activities regularly and divide them into sequences of no more than 30 minutes.

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