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In this section appear some publications related to Forest Bathing as well as some schools that offer training for Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy in various forms and levels.

We highlight the presence on the web of the primary Italian institution  for studies and research on plants of the international laboratory of plant neurobiology at the scientific center of Sesto Fiorentino directed by Prof. Stefano Mancuso: _cc781905-5cde-

Click onunderlined texts for the link to the organization.

  • Anthropostudio  is an interdisciplinary project where Anthropology, Ecology and Outdoor meet to give life to formative experiences and paths of awareness.

  • ARCHIBIO Theory of practical experiences in gardens, historical parks and forests under the guidance and teaching of Marco Nieri.

  • DIANA TEDOLDI offers online courses and in the presence of Forest Coaching.

  • THE GREAT WAY association founded by Franco Berrino and Enrica Bortolazzi with the aim of promoting initiatives aimed at promoting health, well-being and longevity. ​

Some international organizations and training schools:


  • FOREST HOLIDAYS UK offers lodges in the forests to British tourists. Two places to do forest therapy: blackwood forest in hampshire and thorpe forest in norfolk.



Italian private associations not recognized 

constituted independently by staff mixed,

also sanitary, che they declare  to take care of "forestry medicine,  therapy forestale or Forest Therapy (trademark registered by: Japanese Forest Therapy Society (JFTS).

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