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Shinrin Yoku - Forest bathing


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Come and experience the magic of the forest!
Forest Bathing - Shinrin Yoku
Saturday 21 August from 3 to 6.30 pm at the Giardino di Pimpinella, Marzabotto (BO) Limited places. Max 20 participants.
For info and subscribe write to:info@pimpinella.itand put us in copy aforestbathing@csen.itto receive your gift.
See below for more detailed information.
What is the Forest Bathing we will be doing in the day?
“A real immersion in the atmosphere of a forest, that is, a conscious stay in the forest that involves not only our body and mind, but also all our senses.
Together with the health benefits brought by the energy of the forest, a dip in a magical world that awakens our ancestral memories of Natural Beings.
The light that filters through the leaves of the trees, smells and scents that are released into the air, the majestic silence, interrupted by the calls of birds and the sounds of the forest ...
A practice, that of Forest Bathing, deeply regenerating, which gives peace, lightens the mind and improves the feeling of well-being.
It is an experience of communion with nature, which helps to re-establish contact with one's instinctive and primordial ego.
Inside each of us lives a wild soul, often completely unheeded. It's time to give her space and energy ...
Let us give ourselves this experience of reconnecting with ourselves through the woods.
Let's boost our immune system with the help of trees and their aromas!
Touch the bark of a tree, hug it, walk barefoot, observe the dew on the leaves, admire the thousand shades of green and let yourself be enveloped by the wonders of Mother Nature ...
These are authentic gifts for the mind, gestures that awaken in us an instinctive feeling of well-being and peace, which fill the heart with unconditional love and joy.
The world is silent for a while ... you don't think about anything.
The slow movements of nature are welcomed and we slow down too… the stress dissolves, the world with its rhythms and its noise remains far away and our breathing becomes more intense and profound.
Attention is intentionally turned away from thought and brought back to the senses and body.
Slowly we manage to let Nature enter us.
We can really live it, and we go home ...

How to register and carry out:
• Participation, with reservations required, has a cost of € 20 per participant including small refreshments.
• The immersion in the woods will be led by Dr. Laura Dell 'Aquila and by the CSEN teachers and by the CSEN Forest Bathing Instructors and Operators.
• The self-detection (optional) of some physical, psychological and energetic parameters, before and after the session, will allow to have a measurement of the beneficial effects of immersion in the woods.
• It is possible to have lunch in the Giardino di Pimpinella (vegetarian and vegan menu) at a cost of € 15 per meal and it is also possible to stay overnight in dormitories, yurts or in the tree house at a cost of € 10.
Lunch and accommodation by reservation only.
For info on accommodation and meals consult the website Pimpinella garden.

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