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Given that Forest Bathing is a practice that brings relaxation and cannot be stressful due to ambulatory commitment, we have identified some types of path that are always indicated in the CSEN Forest Bathing sessions


1)easy flat routesuitable for everyone including the disabled and the elderly;

2)easy route with small slopessuitable for those with sufficient practice, physicality and health;  

3)suitable medium difficulty route for practitioners  di Hiking (short-term Treking) in mountain forest areas;  

4)difficult pathsuitable for Hiking practitioners only. 

5)path for children. 

The length of the course depends on the group of participants in the session or on their motor skills. It can be looped or back and forth for about 4 km to be covered in 3 or 4 hours . 

Full day sessions can be even longer up to six to seven kilometers interspersed with longer breaks.


The difficult routes of point 4 can be even longer depending on the territory and the group.

Sessions lasting several consecutive days or at night are equally characterized by slow rhythms and situations of comfort and safety.  

The indications set out by PEFC in annex 3   for areas with certification for

PEFC suitability for well-being ITA 1001-SE: 2021- Certification standard for Ecosystem Services generated by sustainably managed forests and plantations . 

Indicator 1.5

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