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Insights and information to register and participate in the course

All adults, with or without previous knowledge in the sector can participate in the training.   Registration is done by email to the sector contextual to enroll in the  e-learning platform of the Sports Diploma with Forest Bathing Instructor qualification.  

To register, press the SIGN UP ONLINE button and follow the instructions that will be sent to you via email. Sign up for the Sports Diploma course with Forest Instructor qualification Bathing (BLUE poster)  or oor you can register in person by going to the CSEN Committee closest to you (green link).

Once the registration is completed, the introductory videos and the five Training Areas with their respective teachings will open in front of you, as you study them you can tick the boxes with a tick and keep track of your progress. ​After completing all the training checks you will be able to access the final exam in person at a Partner center of your choice.

  Locandina Sportivo Forest Bathing .jpg

Only AFTER completing the study and checks of each area Training Area with closed-question quizzes   will you be able to access the Verification of Learning free questions.   

Once you have completed the   VEDA online you will be able to take the Operational Test for Group Management (POG) and the Veda in presence at a qualified Partner of your choice.

NB: during the training you can attend the training sessions in presence enabled for the certification of hours. Only upon reaching 32 hours of in-person training at the authorized centers and completing the online Veda will you be able to take the final learning and group management tests in the forest by choosing the exam site from among those approved according to confirmation of the Sector secretary. 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • THE VEDA consist of:  

  • 5 quizzes per area with 3 answers, one of which is valid (2 minutes per area);

  • awritten testlasting about 30 minutes with five open questions plus a theme to be developed (VEDA).

 NB: The Verification of Learning (VEDA) does not represent a real exam, but rather a verification of what has been done online of the level of learning with consequent indication, if necessary, of those that may be the parts to be deepened or reviewed. The important thing is to learn and be curious to know and understand.

  • National Forest Bathing "circuit of excellence" diploma with qualification: Forest Bathing Technician;

  • Full annual access to thedidactic material (downloadable) on the e-learnig platformSport Data (video tutorials, handouts (downloadable), reference texts, text extracts and related web links);

  • Theonline meetings with teachers (15 sessions for 30 hours);

  • The Diploma and registration in the CSEN National Technical Register con issue of card annual and all the Graduate Register of the National Forest Bathing Sector;

  • Certificate of qualification sector events supervisor

  • CSEN annual cardwith insurance included if not already registered . 

  • The costs of the sessions in presence established by Partner organizing training sessions 

  • RC insuranceInstructor / Expert <forest baths   (OPTIONAL).It covers damages caused by the inexperience or negligence of the Instructor / Facilitator, for example for having led a group in arisky, dangerous or unsuitable place. It covers the personal liability of / l host / ore  of the group in forest. The instructor's RC policy can be stipulated through  i Provincial Committees CSEN. 

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