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Evento Shinrin Yoku - Forest bathing

Event in the presence of the CSEN National Forest Bathing Diploma course open to all (non  can also participateenrolled in the course to live the experience and / or to get to know the teachers and the contents of the course) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
From Saturday 30 October at 2.30pm until 6pm on Monday 1 November, with logistic headquarters at Agriturismo Le Quercie in Bomarzo (Viterbo), the second official session of the course for the National Forest Bathing Diploma CSEN will take place._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Maximum number of participants 18 according to registration priority confirmed by bank transfer.
Forest Bathing lessons, practices and sensory experiences will be held in the classroom at the farmhouse, on easy paths in the forests adjacent to the farmhouse and at the beech woods of Monte Cimino. 
All excursions and visits to the park will have Salvatore as a local guide, discoverer of the Pyramid of Bomarzo and author of the book on the Park of Monsters.
The course is valid as a test in the presence of the course for those enrolled in the course who feel ready or who need suggestions and verification of skills.
The educational contribution for training, experience, accompaniment, local guide, entrance to the Monster Park   for the two / three days is € 100.

For food and lodging (excluded) it is necessary to hear d
directly the Agriturismo
or other of your choice.
Saturday 30 October 
Participants registration at the Agriturismo from 12.00 . 
2.30 pm presentation of teachers, activities and classroom training until 6.30 pm End of session 
7.30 pm Dinner 
9 pm Movies Forest Bathing.
Sunday 31st October 
9 am Compilation of self-survey questionnaires.
9.30 am Hike to the forest 
above l 'Agriturismo with stop at the Pyramid of Bomarzo and other Forest Bathing activities according to the weather . 
12.30 return
1.00 pm lunch.
3.30 pm GUIDED VISIT TO THE PARK OF MONSTERS (this activity requires the Green Pass but for those who do not have one, another outdoor Forest Bathing session will be provided).
Return 6.00 pm 

7.30 pm dinner
9 pm activities around the fire and dances.
Monday November 1st 
9 am Forest Bathing activity in the beech woods of Monte Cimino in an exclusive area of particular beauty . 
12.00 return and completion of self-survey questionnaires
2 pm lunch e release of rooms.
3.30 pm classroom training and delivery of certificates . 
17.30 / 18 End of activities.
All the food is healthy with fresh local products. NB: Any intolerances must be signaled in advance to the Agriturismo.  
Minors are allowed if always accompanied . 
Dogs can be brought into the outdoor experiences and according to Agriturismo availability . 
In the morning optional Joga activity.
Fitness and equipment are required for easy walks of a few hours in the forest.
The event is held in compliance with the common rules that will be in place for the prevention of COVID 19.
For registration, the teaching contribution of € 100 must be paid by bank transfer to the current account in the name of CSEN, the provincial committee of Modena, which is the manager of the national Forest Bathing sector.
For bank details write an email to

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