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Click on the photo with the arrow to listen to the videos of some testimonials from the Graduates e some photo of the course.  Scroll through the images with the arrow to the left.

It is iLmore complete level that starts from the training common to all levels with handouts, videos and more on the e-learning platform. Lecture notes that will be explored in depth in the educational path with online and face-to-face teachers. A face-to-face training with 3 sessions starting from the first at the beginning of the course to immediately give the guidelines of experience and training for future professional operators. A course with extensive international content that combines the techniques and traditions of the West and the East to conduct safely, alla connection e to awareness groups in forest welfare with Forest Bathing. It can be a path di  personal growth as a valid aid to complete what has already been learned. In this course you will bring and take as much as you want in free sharing and collaboration.  You will find new friends e important suggestions for improvement. This to help you  learn how to relay to others according to your visions and skills.
See on the Facebook page the posts with the emotions and the images, the stories and the joy of being a continuously growing community, free, open and enthusiastic about bringing Biophilia, collaboration and gratitude.
 See you soon 🌿

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